Thursday, July 19, 2007

Roughgarden lecture featured in local gay press

From Metro Weekly, a Washington DC GLBT publication:

Birds and Bees
Gays make headway at veterinary convention
by Will O'Bryan

"The mood in the basement ballroom of the downtown JW Marriott seemed fairly sedate Sunday afternoon, July 15, as Joan Roughgarden of Stanford Univesity presented her lecture, ''Sexual Diversity in the Animal Kingdom.'' But there was more going on than met the eye. In a sense, there was a revolution playing out on two fronts.

The more obvious of the two was Roughgarden's talk, challenging the ''sexual selection'' leg of Charles Darwin's theories of evolution.


The more one ponders Roughgarden's research, the more revolutionary it seems. But it was the setting of her lecture that illustrated the second, smaller revolution. Roughgarden's talk was the keynote lecture of the Lesbian and Gay Veterinary Medical Association's annual meeting, running concurrently with the American Veterinary Medical Association's annual convention, held in Washington July 14-18.


''It was an incredibly major event in several respects,'' says Wells. ''It was the first time that I'm aware of at an AVMA conference that the issue of sexual diversity in the animal kingdom has been discussed.''

Wells calls Roughgarden's presentation ''a call to arms'' for scientist to be truthful about their observations."

Read the whole article at Metro Weekly.

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