Monday, July 16, 2007

Roughgarden Lecture: History in the Making

Professor Joan Roughgarden presents special lecture for LGVMA
TODAY as part of the LGVMA's 13th Annual Meeting in Washington DC, Professor Joan Roughgarden of Stanford University presented a fascinating lecture entitled "Sexual Diversity in the Animal Kingdom". Prior to the lecture, Professor Roughgarden told the LGVMA:

“This talk is especially timely,” Roughgarden says, “in view of the Oslo Museum exhibit on homosexuality and animals that opened in 2006, which has been widely reported in the press. It would be wonderful if all the information on domesticated animals could be folded into the wider zoological picture that is emerging. What is coming out now is to the rest of the animal kingdom what the Kinsey Report was to humans.”
Prof. Roughgarden's lecture was well-attended (over 40 folks of all stripes) and well-received. Afterwards, Prof. Roughgarden said she was delighted by the turnout, found the audience to be very attentive, and thought the questions from the audience to be very insightful.

Many attendees stayed afterwards to thank Joan for her work and her lecture, and to purchase Evolution's Rainbow at the book-signing set up by Washington DC GLBTQ bookstore, Lambda Rising.

Prof. Roughgarden signs a copy of Evolution's Rainbow
The event was videotaped and we hope to make the recording available as either a DVD or online. Our goal is to make sure the valuable information and insights Prof. Roughgarden presented today can reach as wide as audience as possible. Please contact us at if you are interested in receiving a copy of this valuable -- and indeed historic -- presentation, or if you would like to contribute funds for the production/distribution.

This event was partially sponsored by grants from the PETCO Foundation; Pets Are Wonderful Support (PAWS); PETS-Washington, DC; Wag Hotels - San Francisco; and Pets Unlimited Veterinary Hospital and Shelter. Many thanks to them as well as individual donations from LGVMA members and friends.

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